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Recognized as an authority in subconscious reprogramming and the master of irresistible influence, Marshall Sylver continues to be the first choice for many companies around the world. He is a sought after business consultant among renowned Fortune 500 companies.

Marshall Sylver offers especially tailored programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to reinvest themselves to be better at what they do. The goal is self-discovery, self-awareness and motivation!

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Marshall Sylver Welcomes You!

Join the company who has help Millions of people for over 30 years in the industry. Marshall Sylver, CEO of Prosperity Alliance, a world-renown hypnotist and master of interpersonal communication, has been harnessing the power of the human mind since he was a child. Marshall has mastered his subconscious mind and turned the world around by offering programs that have changed countless people’s lives and creator of the the number one personal development program worldwide.

This two-day basic training seminar focuses on subconsciously reprogramming your mind to overcome phobias, stress, and boost motivation. You also learn strategies to improve relationships and influence, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

Succeeding in the cutthroat business environment today is all about your team’s ability to sell. This course is designed to turn your team into sales pro by helping them develop irresistible influence and learning the psychology behind selling.

Working hard? This two-day seminar educates entrepreneurs and business owners on how they can run their businesses smart. Apart from paving the path to their first million dollars, it also equips them with practical strategies to maintain a work-life balance.

This four-day interactive educational experience helps you get your finances back in order. The first step is to accept and understand your current financial situation. You could be burning thousands of dollars every month in interest, unnecessary fees and fines. Learn strategies billionaires use to take their profits to the next level.

Your ability to learn from the world’s best, in terms of financial management, personal skills and spirituality is what helps you pave the path to becoming a billionaire. This four and a half day seminar is designed to help you do just that. You learn from people who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in their industries and have become masters.

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This program gives you a chance to live on Marshall’s personal oasis, the Prosperity Palace and live like billionaires do! From meals prepared by personal chefs to luxury lines from Vegas’ exclusive resorts, this program lets you indulge in the best of Vegas!

Looking for something that changes your life? This five-day training program is just for you. This is the best personal development program in the market and has successfully turned around countless number of lives. The program is filled with interactive exercises and training activities unlike anything you have seen before.

Each one of us has at some point in time wanted to become a highly paid public speaker. From creating seminars to conducting them, Marshall Sylver takes you on a complete content creating and selling ride.